A Good Night’s Sleep Sets You Up for a Successful Tomorrow

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Think you should be using the same pad during the day that you use at night? Think again! By sizing up to a bigger pad while you’re sleeping, the wider back can catch leaks while you move. No more tossing and turning while you worry about leaks!

Better sleep during your nighttime dreams means more energy you can focus on your daytime dreams.


Always Ultra Thin Day Pads

Discover Always Ultra Day pads with 3X Protection System for up to 100% leak-free comfort


    Always Ultra Thin Night Pads

    Always Ultra Night pads have a 75% wider*, longer back to catch leaks while you sleep, so you can get the worry-free rest you need to wake up ready to conquer the day

    *Has 75% more back coverage than Always Ultra Thin Size 1 Pad

      Always believes nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams – especially your period!

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