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We’ve teamed up with 6 influential women to launch the Always Dreaming Academy: Night Class content series to inspire the next generation of leaders with real-life knowledge, skills & lessons on how you can achieve your dreams by getting the perfect night’s sleep with Always.

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Genesis Hinckley

First Gen Coach & Motivational Speaker, teaches a lesson about how she went from stepping onto campus with $300 in her pocket to graduating debt-free.

Lillian Zhang

Lillian Zhang, Gen Z-Focused Finance and Career Content Creator, teaches how the secret to landing your dream internship is through a perfect resume.

Gabriella Carter

Scholarship Coach & Expert, gives her top 3 hacks for securing scholarship opportunities, leveraging her success and background as a 7-figure scholarship winner.

Katya Echazarreta

Electrical Engineer, Science Communicator, and the first Mexican woman in space, provides motivational advice for aspiring STEM students to encourage them to stay persistent and dream big.

Kirstie Mitchell

Former NASA recruiting specialist turned Career Coach and Content Creator, teaches the importance of self-care and how to prioritize your well-being both in college and post-grad.

Rawan Galaidos

Former Big Tech Program Manager turned Personal and Professional Development Content Creator, speaks to the importance of practicing resourcefulness while chasing your dreams.

A Good Night’s Sleep Sets You Up for a Successful Tomorrow