How To Apply

Always Soñando National Scholarship
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Follow the steps below so Always can help make your dreams come true!

Step 1:

[Click here to apply.]You’ll be brought to a login page to make an account.

Step 2:

[Make an account and log in to view the application home page.]"Make an account and log in to view the application home page.")

Step 3:

Fill out all required questions.

Step 4:

Respond to the personal statement question by either recording a video (no longer than :60 seconds) or writing an essay (min 100 words, max 500 words) – If submitting a video, feel free to have the prompt in your video to set the stage.

Step 5:

Post your video to your social media channel of choice (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or YouTube Shorts, Pinterest) and include the link to your post within the application.

  • Make sure your video settings are on “public” so that we can view your video!
  • Remember to tag the Always brand channel (@always_brand on Instagram and @always on TikTok) and that your caption includes #SoñandoScholarship.

Step 6:

Copy the link from your social post into your application.

Step 7:

Follow @always_brand on Instagram and/or @always on TikTok for scholarship updates.

Step 8:

Check out the Always Soñando Academy content on Instagram and TikTok by searching #SoñandoAcademy clicking the link on the academy page.

Bonus !

Tag your besties on social inviting them to apply to the scholarship!