Girls & Puberty: 6 Emotional Changes You’ll Notice

Emotional changes during puberty

You may have already noticed that you're experiencing some emotional changes as you head into girls puberty. Some are really positive – others are more challenging. Here are some emotional changes that commonly happen during puberty in girls and how you can feel good about them.

Your thinking has changed

You're now able to think more abstractly. You can analyze better now. You’re starting to think like an adult. This is a great time to concentrate on school and hobbies. Your brain is growing– so use it! The hobbies that you liked in the past will be even more fun now, try exploring new interests too.

You can express your feelings better

Your feelings are probably starting to make a lot more sense to you. You may find that you’re able to express whether you’re happy or sad a lot more effectively to others. This gives you a clearer sense of “self” – of who you are. The tricky part is that you’re probably feeling more self-conscious, too, which makes you less inclined to open up.

You feel really emotional

You may get mad at parents and friends easily. A little thing that wouldn't have bothered you earlier drives you crazy now. Your little sister might really get on your nerves. Feeling angry is normal during puberty because of the hormonal changes. In fact, for the same reason, many women get edgy just before their periods.

Mood swings are also common throughout puberty. This is when you feel really happy one minute and then really angry or even sad the next. So if you're feeling angry you may want to count to 10 (it works) and think about it before you yell at your mom or friend.
Re-direct anger by exercising. It’s good for your body and your mind. Taking out your anger on a tennis ball or treadmill can lighten your mood – and keep you fit, too!

You cry a lot

You may burst into tears over something small that wouldn’t usually have upset you much. This is perfectly normal. Never be afraid to have a mother and daughter talk to calm down. Your mom will put things back into perspective and remind you that everything is ok.

You feel more womanly

Some girls find that they're feeling more feminine. You have more interest in your hair, your makeup and your general appearance.

You think you're weird

You may compare yourself to your friends, and feel like there's something wrong with you. You may feel unsure of yourself. Well guess what? Everyone else is thinking the same thing! Others your age are self-conscious too. Just remember that your personality is growing and you're becoming even more unique – it’s a good thing even thought it may not feel that way right now. Try doing something creative to express all of your new emotions – making something you’re proud of that’s all you will help you see how fantastic being unique can be.


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