When will my daughter get her first period?

Signs of first period

“When am I going to get my first period?” is right up there with “Am I normal?” in the list of common questions your daughter may ask. Unfortunately, the answers for moms aren't as simple as “yes” and “soon.” Have a mother and daughter talk to let her know a general time frame and some signs that will cue her as to when her first period is close. Here are the basics.

First period timing

Although most girls get their first period between the ages of 11 and 13, it can start anywhere from about age 8 up to age 16.

Signs before a first period

During puberty in girls, some of these changes signal that your daughter’s period is on its way (just make her aware that these changes can happen in any order):

  • Developing breasts – She’ll get breast “buds” (breasts can then take up to three to four years to fully develop). Generally, she’ll get her period about two years after her breasts start developing.
  • Growing pubic hair – Right after her breasts start to form, she’ll start developing pubic hair. It will be soft and thin at first and then gradually become coarser. Her period usually arrives around one to two years after pubic hair starts growing.
  • Discharge – She’ll start to experience vaginal discharge that will be either white or yellowish. She may want to start using Always Daily Liners to protect your underwear. Your period should start within the next few months after the start of discharge.

Do a little planning

Since every girl has only a general idea of when she'll get her period, it helps to do some planning beforehand. Help your daughter feel prepared. Be ready with protection. Her first period will probably be light, so Always Radiant Infinity Teen would be good choices for protection.

Suggest that she keep some pantiliners in her purse in case she gets her first period while she’s not at home. She may even want to keep an extra pair of underwear in her book bag or locker. She’ll really appreciate this tips (and her proactive mom!) when her period does arrive.


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