Always Confidence & Puberty Education

Two of out every three girls who enter puberty don’t know enough about what is happening to their bodies, which can cause everything from a drop in a girl’s self-esteem to being forced to miss school to being ostracized by their community. For the past three decades, P&G has worked to reach over 20 million of these girls with puberty education programs to help them live without limits during their period, no matter their circumstances.

One way we’ve been able to do this is through the Always Confidence & Puberty Education Program. We’ve worked with partners like local Ministries of Educations, NGOs such as Save the Children, and organizations like Girlology to create and execute puberty education programs for girls all around the world. The program, which has been endorsed by UNESCO, is active in over 65 countries and is free for all girls.

Always Keeping Girls in School

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Each year, more than 2 million primary school-aged girls in developing countries are forced to miss school during their periods because they don’t have access to sanitary products. Many girls miss up to a month of school, often so much that they just drop out altogether. No girl should have to miss school just because she is having her period. To address this, P&G partnered with the Department of Basic Education, UNICEF, the Small Projects Foundation and other stakeholders to start the program in 2006. The program both regularly distributes sanitary towels to girls from underprivileged areas and educates these girls about health issues and how to take care of themselves. Since then, P&G has provided over 6 million pads to help keep girls in school.

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South Africa: 10 Years of Helping Girls in Need

Puberty can be a scary time for girls when they, their families and their communities don’t have the facts. In many of the places where Save the Children works, a lack of information or misinformation, along with no access to bathrooms or sanitary products, contributes to girls missing days of school or dropping out of school altogether. Save the Children values our partnership with P&G and our shared vision of making sure girls have the knowledge and confidence to navigate the challenging journey of puberty – so they can stay in school and shine. - Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children

Always + UNESCO Women’s Literacy Program

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Here at Always, we believe that nothing should hold girls back from being their amazing, unstoppable selves. And what’s the single biggest opportunity to empower girls? Education. In 2011, around 500 million adult women around the world were lacking basic literacy skills. In Senegal alone, more than 4 out of 10 girls dropped out of primary school in 2010. Think we were going to stand by and let it continue to happen? Not a chance. So in 2011, Always and UNESCO teamed up to give thousands of girls access to literacy education in Africa.

Today, around 60,000 girls in Nigeria & Senegal are benefiting from this program, mainly through information and communications technologies. And in 2015, we announced an extension of the program to reach an additional 50,000 girls and women in Northern Nigeria. We are committed to reaching a total of 110,000 with literacy and education programs by the end of 2019, giving them the access to the education they need to make their dreams come true.

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Educational Tools For You

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Always also provides puberty educational resources. The P&G Schools Program provides schools and parents with kits, handouts, and brochures containing useful information for girls of all ages. There also tools to help teachers and parents give girls a healthy understanding of puberty.

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Help Keep Girls in Sports

Sport is critical to build and maintain girls’ confidence and yet, many girls quit sports at puberty. To help them feel they belong in sports and encourage them to stay in sports, Always has developed ready-to-use tools for teachers, coaches, organizations and parents including informative flyers, tips and posters to help keep girls in sports. Help us build the next generation of confident girls. Let’s champion girl power!! Learn more